AP Class V Notes- AP Class 5 Notes New & Best

AP Class V Notes- AP Class 5 Notes –  New books with Best Explanations  – here we are providing complete text book activities along with comprehensions and class room activities. We hope this is useful to our students   and also as source for our teachers. If any one want suggest us feel free to ping us. thank you all. Here is Subject and Units/lesson details. Please click on which one   you need.

AP Class V Notes- AP Class 5 Notes

AP Class V Notes- AP Class 5 Notes – English

1. Mallika Goes to School

2. My Sweet Memories

3. The Necklace

4. Kalam with Children

5. The Wondrous Women

6. The Wise Judgement

7. Kabaddi… Kabaddi… Kabaddi…

8. A Birthday Letter

AP Class V Notes- AP Class 5 Notes -EVS

1. Migration of People       Click Here 

2. Climate change

3. Clothes we wear

4. Know our Organ System

5. Agriculture 

6. Every drop is Precious

7. Who Serves us?

8. Let us see an Amazing World

9. Alert Today Alive Tomorrow

10. The Journey of India for freedom

11. Earth to Space

We are working to add Telugu and Mathematics also . We will as possible as early.

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The Government of Andhra Pradesh has unleashed a new era in school education by introducing extensive curricular reforms from the academic year 2020-21. The Government has taken up curricular reforms intending to enhance the learning outcomes of the children with focus on building solid foundational learning and to build up an environment conducive for an effective teaching-learning process. To achieve this objective, special care has been taken in designing the textbooks to achieve global standards.