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Migration of People Class 5 EVS Chapter-1 New and Best Notes

Key Points:-

– Natural calamities, poverty, unemployment are the basic reasons for migration.
– Slums are formed due to migration.
– A family budget is a statement which shows how the income is spent in families.
– Saving is a good habit.
– Education is the right of a child. Natural calamities, poverty, unemployment are the basic reasons for migration.
– Slums are formed due to migration.
 – A family budget is a statement which shows how the income is spent in families.
– Saving is a good habit.
– Education is the right of a child.
– Population density in urban are as is increasing due to migration of people from rural are as.
– In olden days a family is led by the elder most person and they lived in a joint family.
– Pie chart or a circle chart is a circular graph; which is divided into parts to show proportions in numbers:
– Poverty is not a barrier to get success in life.

CONCEPTUAL UNDERSTANDING – Migration of People Class 5 EVS Chapter-1  Notes

1. What is migration? Give some examples.
A. 1) The seasonal movement of people is called migration.
2) People migrate from one place to another place in search of livelihood.
3) For example some people migrate to Hyderabad to work in construction field.
4) Some people migrate to Chennai to work in automobile field.

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of migration?
 A. Advantages :
1) People migrate to get more money.
2) That money may fulfil their needs.
3) They can educate their children.
4) They may buy a farm when they return to their village.

1) Population density increases in urban areas.
2) Difficult to plan the economy to the Government.
3) Slum areas increase.
4) Very difficult to sanitation etc.

Migration of People Class 5 EVS Chapter-1  Notes

3. Raju says that sometimes migration happen in our lives. Do you agree with this  statement? Why?
A. 1) Yes! Raju said the truth. Migration can happen in any family.
2) Some times it may already happened, in their fore father’s time.
3) Because of economic or natural calamity reasons.

4.If you meet a migrated family in your village, what type of questions would you ask them to find out the reasons for migration?
A. I found a migrated family in my village. It is a family of my classmate Ramesh. I asked  him the following questions.
1) Where did you study upto IV class ?
2). Why did your family leave that village ?
3) What are the causes to migrate to this village ?
4) Whether all facilities are comfortable to you in this village?
5) What are the things that you feel missed from that village?

5. Observe the migrated families in your village and write about one incident that changed their lives.
A. I observed the family of Mohan in our village. They migrated to our village from Prakasam district. His father is a bank employee. And he got transferred to our village to work in that bank.

VI. Appreciation –  Migration of People Class 5 EVS Chapter-1  Notes

8.Suresh is going to work with his father. He stopped going to school. How do you motivate him to rejoin the school?
A.   Because of poverty, Suresh is also going to work along with his father. So first I request my class teacher to talk with his parents and explain them about different schemes  which are offered by the Government for poor people and also I explain Suresh about  the importance of education. Education is the only way getting a wealthy and valuable life.

       And getting education in a prescribed age only is useful to any one. And I will also  explain him about different advantages and provisions in our school for getting free and compulsory education. And I will tell him the disadvantages of getting many by small works in childhood which may lead to bad habits etc. And I will tell him that I accompany him to school every day.

– Have you seen any family in your neighbourhood which moved to a new place? (Page No.1)
A. Yes. I saw. Nandini’s family moved to another place by getting a new job to her father.

Are there any new comers to your class who migrated from another place? Discuss the reasons for migration? (Page No.2)
A. Yes. There are two new comers in my class. Ravi and Asifa. Both of them came to our village to work in a garden.

Did Babulu’s life change due to shifting from his village to a town? (Page No.4)
A. Yes. In olden days Babulu lived together with their relatives and friends in their village. Here in the city he did not get any such friends. They enjoyed a lot working on the agriculture farms or catching fish, but here in factories, it is very difficult to get free time. Babulu’s family life became mechanical due to shifting to this town

Does your mother or father make a list of their expenses?(Page No.5)
A. Yes. My mother always makes a list even for a single rupee of her expenses.

How do you save your pocket money? (Page No. 5)
A, I save my pocket, money in my money purse/coin box.

Do your parents have bank account ? (Page No. 5 )

Yes. Both of my father and mother have bank accounts.

 A pie-chart showing the budget of two families are given below. Let us observe.

Whose expenditure is high ?
A. Rakesh’s family expenditure is high.

Which family saves money? (Page No. 6)
A. Veeraiah’s family saves money.

Can you identify the family that has a proper economic planning? (Page No. 6 )
A. Yes. Veeraiah’s family has a proper economic planning.

Economic planning of which family will you follow in your future? (Page No. 6)
A. I will follow the economic planning of Veeraiah’s family in my future.

Can you mention any other schemes provided by our government for education? Write YES’ if you have used them or write ‘NO’ if you have not, in the brackets provided. (Page No. 8)
1. I have taken ‘uniforms”, (YES)
2. I have taken ‘text books’. (YES)
3. I have benefitted from ‘scholarships’ (YES)
4. I take Mid-Day Meals’. (YES)

What are the effects of migration?
A. New jobs, life settlements, new opportunities in studies, poverty, informal economy, and slums.

 Krishna says that migration improves the economic status. Do you agree?
A. No. It is not correct. May be it is true in one or two cases, but the problems occur because of migration of families in a huge amount.

Does it have any effect on the basic needs of a family? 
A. Yes. Actually families migrate only to get basic needs such as food, clothes and shelter.

Which is preferable, saving money or spending money?
A. Saving money instead of spending money for waste reasons is always preferable.

What will you do with the money you saved ?
A. Generally I use the money which I saved for doing different project works, buying stationery and some times buying new clothes for celebrating different festivals.

What is interest?
A. Interest is defined as the amount of money paid for the use of someone’s money.

 Did you notice any unnecessary expenses in your family budget? If so, list them out.
A. I found the expenses like going out for dinner and parks as unnecessary expenses in our family budget. And with this spending money for fuel for our vehicles is also increasing.



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