The Food we Need AP 6th Class Science Chapter 1 New and Best Notes. AP Class 6 Science Notes Chapter 1 beat explanation with think and discussion answers also. We Hope this notes will help you for your examinations.

The Food we Need AP 6th Class Science Chapter 1 New and Best Notes.

Improve_ Your_ Learning

Fill_ in_ the_ Blanks.

  1. Salt_ is_ obtained_ from_ …………..
    2._ The_ materials_ which_ are_ required_ to_ prepare_ food_ are_ known_ as_ …………..
    3._ We_ use_ ………….._ to_ preserve_ food_ for_ some_ time.
    4._ Eating_ foods_ after_ the_ expiry_ date_ may_ damage_ our_ …………..


The Food we Need AP 6th Class Science Chapter 1 New and Best Notes

Choose_ the_ correct_ answer.

  1. The_ method_ of_ preparing_ idly_ is
    A)_ Roasting
    B)_ Fermentation
    C)_ Steaming
    D)_ Boiling
    C)_ Steaming
  2. The_ source_ of_ sugar_ is
    A)_ Plant
    B)_ Animal
    C)_ Sea
    D)_ All_ of_ these
    A)_ Plant

Group-A                                           Group-B
A) Raagulu             ( )                   1. Pearl millet
B) Sajjalu                ( )                   2. Proso millet
G) Jonnalu             ( )                   3. Foxtail millet
D) Korralu              ( )                    4. Finger millet
E) Samalu               ( )                   5. Great millet
Group-A                                              Group-B
A) Raagulu             ( 4 )                   1. Pearl millet
B) Sajjalu                ( 1 )                   2. Proso millet
G) Jonnalu             ( 5 )                   3. Foxtail millet
D) Korralu              ( 3 )                    4. Finger millet
E) Samalu               ( 2 )                   5. Great millet

Answer_ the_ following_ questions.

Question_ 1.
Write_ some:_ examples_ of_ animal_ and_ plant_ materials.
Plant_ food_ materials:_ Grains,_ cereals,_ vegetables,_ leafy_ vegetables_ and_ fruits.
Animal_ food_ materials:_ Meat,_ egg,_ milk_ and_ honey.

Question_ 2.
Find_ out_ the_ ingredients_ of_ the_ given_ food_ items.
a)_ Potato_ curry
b)_ Coconut_ chutney
c)_ Gulab_ jamun
d)_ Pongal

Sl.No  Food item Ingredients
1. Potato curry Potato, onion, chillies, salt, oil.
2. Coconut chutney Coconut, chillies, oil, salt, tamarind.
3. Gulab jamun Jamun mix, water, oil, sugar, cardamom.
4. Pongali Rice, jaggery, water, cardamom, cashew, kismis

Question_ 3.

How_ does_ food_ get_ spoilt?_ Write_ its_ effects_ on_ human_ health.

  • If_ the_ food_ is_ not_ preserved_ properly,_ it_ can_ be_ attacked_ by_ germs_ and_ get_ spoiled.
  • Eating_ of_ such_ spoiled_ food_ causes_ food_ poison.
  • Eating_ such_ poisonous_ food_ causes_ abdominal_ pain,_ diarrhea,_ vomiting,_ etc.
  • And_ sometimes_ it_ also_ leads_ to_ death.

Question_ 4.
If_ you_ have_ a_ chance_ to_ meet_ a_ chef,_ what_ questions_ you_ will_ ask_ about_ preparing_ tasty_ food?

  • What_ is_ the_ cheapest_ and_ healthiest_ food_ to_ eat?
  • When_ you_ are_ preparing_ the_ food,_ are_ you_ add_ colours_ to_ it?
  • Which_ ingredients_ do_ you_ add_ to_ give_ an_ extra_ flavour_ to_ the_ food?
  • In_ the_ preparation_ of_ sweets_ which_ ingredients_ are_ preferred_ to_ add_ taste_ to_ it?

Question_ 5.
Write_ down_ the_ process_ of_ making_ any_ food_ item,_ which_ you_ like.

  • I_ like_ the_ food_ item_ vegetable_ rice.
  • Ingredients_ required_ for_ vegetable_ rice:_ Rice,_ onion,_ tomato,_ green_ peas,_ carrot,_ cinnamon_ cloves,_ turmeric_ powder,_ garam_ masala_ powder,_ chilli_ powder,_ coriander_ leaves,_ oil,_ ghee,_ salt_ and_ water.


  • Wash_ rice_ and_ soak_ it_ for_ 10_ to_ 15_ minutes.
  • Place_ a_ cooker_ on_ the_ flame._ Pour_ two_ spoons_ of_ ghee_ and_ oil_ in_ it.
  • Add_ cinnamon,_ clove_ and_ onion_ and_ heat_ it_ until_ it_ turns_ brown.
  • Add_ chopped_ tomato,_ green_ peas,_ and_ carrot.
  • Stir-and_ fry_ them_ for_ two_ or_ three_ minutes.
  • Add_ soaked_ rice,_ garam_ masala_ powder,_ turmeric_ powder_ red_ chilli_ powder_ and_ salt.
  • Stir_ and_ fry_ them_ for_ 2_ or_ 3_ minutes.
  • Add_ 1_ or_ 2_ cup_ of_ water_ and_ mix_ well.
  • Close_ the_ cooker_ with_ lid_ and_ cook_ over_ medium_ flame_ for_ 2_ whistles.
  • Turn_ off_ the_ flame._ Let_ it_ cool_ at_ room_ temperature.
  • Open_ the_ lid_ carefully_ and_ transfer_ it_ to_ a_ serving_ bowl_ and_ garnish_ with_ fresh_ coriander_ leaves.

The Food we Need AP 6th Class Science Chapter 1 New and Best Notes

Question_ 6.
Draw_ some_ fruits_ and_ vegetable_ diagrams_ which_ you_ like.
Student_ Activity

Question_ 7.
Prepare_ slogans_ on_ “Wastage_ of_ Food”.

  • Food_ is_ precious_ –_ Don’t_ waste_ food.
  • Think_ for_ those_ who_ are_ hungry_ before_ throwing_ your_ food_ into_ the_ dustbin.
  • Conserve_ food_ so_ that_ no_ one_ dies_ out_ of_ hunger.
  • Today’s_ wastage_ is_ tomorrow’s_ shortage.

Question_ 8.
Suppose_ fish_ /_ raw_ mango/lemons_ are_ given_ to_ you,_ how_ would_ you_ preserve_ them?

6th_ Class_ Science_ 1st_ Lesson_ The_ Food_ we_ Need_ InText_ Questions_ and_ Answers

Think_ and_ Discuss – The Food we Need AP 6th Class Science Chapter 1 New and Best Notes

6th_ Class_ Science_ Textbook_ Page_ No._ 9

Question_ 1.
Now_ a_ days,_ we_ see_ lot_ of_ food_ getting_ wasted_ in_ all_ places._ Food_ wastage_ is_ happening_ in_ our_ houses,_ schools_ and_ other_ places_ (Hostels,_ Hotels…etc,.)_ on_ daily_ and_ special_ occasions._ What_ are_ the_ ways_ to_ avoid_ wastage_ of_ food_ ?_ Discuss_ with_ your_ teacher.

  1. We_ should_ use_ up_ the_ left_ over_ food_ in_ the_ next_ day.
  2. By_ preparing_ sufficient_ quantities_ of_ food_ during_ functions_ and_ marriages.
  3. We_ should_ read_ the_ labels_ of_ the_ food_ products_ to_ know_ the_ date_ of_ manufacture_ and_ expiry.
  4. Be_ quickly_ on_ fruits_ and_ vegetables.

Question_ 2.
Does_ everyone_ around_ you_ get_ enough_ food_ to_ eat?_ If_ not,_ why?

  1. So_ many_ people_ are_ not_ getting_ enough_ food_ to_ live.
  2. Food_ is_ not_ produced_ enough_ to_ meet_ the_ needs_ of_ overgrowing_ population.
  3. Many_ people_ are_ ignoring_ the_ importance_ of_ food._ They_ are_ wasting_ the_ food_ by_ cooking_ in_ large_ quantities_ and_ throwing_ away_ during_ functions_ even_ in_ our_ day_ to_ day_ life.
  4. Food_ is_ very_ precious_ –_ Don’t_ waste_ it.

Activities_ and_ Projects

Question_ 1.
Collect_ any_ wrapper_ of_ packaged_ food._ Read_ the_ information_ in_ detail_ and_ answer_ the_ following_ questions.
a)_ When_ was_ it_ manufactured_ and_ how_ long_ can_ we_ use_ it?
b)_ What_ ingredients_ does_ it_ contain?_ name_ them.
a)_ Name_ of_ the_ packaged_ food:_ Britannia_ 50_ :_ 50
Date_ of_ manufacturing:_ 19_ April_ 2020
How_ long_ can_ we_ use_ it:_ Best_ before_ six_ months_ from_ packaging
b)_ Ingredients_ it_ contained:

Ingredients Value_ per_ 100g
Carbohydrates 60
Sugars 10
Protein 7
Fat 26
Mono_ unsaturated_ fatty_ acids 10.2
Poly_ unsaturated_ fatty_ acids 2.7
Cholesterol 4
Energy 502_ cal

The Food we Need AP 6th Class Science Chapter 1 New and Best Notes

Question_ 2.
List_ out_ the_ names_ of_ some_ plants_ that_ grow_ in_ your_ village._ Which_ parts_ of_ it_ are_ used_ as_ food?

Plant Part_ useful_ as_ food
Banana Fruits,_ flowers
Mango Fruits
Spinach Leaves
Coriander Leaves
Sugarcane Stem
Onion Stem
Rice Seeds
Cauli_ flower Flower
Mint Leaves
Brinjal Fruit
Gongura Leaves
„_ Carrot Root

Question_ 3.
With_ the_ help_ of_ your_ teacher_ form_ groups_ of_ 5_ or_ 6_ students_ of_ your_ class._ Make_ a_ fruit_ chat_ or_ vegetable_ salad_ and_ eat_ it._ How_ did_ you_ feel?_ Write_ few_ lines_ about_ your_ experience.

  • With_ the_ help_ of_ our_ teacher_ all_ of_ our_ classmates_ were_ divided_ into_ 5_ groups.
  • To_ make_ a_ fruit_ salad_ we_ collected_ fruits_ like_ papaya,_ grapes,_ pineapple,_ mangoes,_ apple,_ banana_ and_ orange.
  • We_ chopped_ all_ the_ fruits_ and_ mixed_ them_ in_ a_ bowl.
  • We_ added_ Honey_ and_ fresh_ orange_ juice_ and_ lemon_ juice_ two_ or_ three_ spoons_ to_ the_ mixed_ fruits.
  • Now_ all_ the_ contents_ are_ mixed_ well_ with_ spoon.
  • Our_ friends_ tasted_ the_ fruit_ salad.
  • We_ felt_ very_ tasty_ as_ its_ mixture_ of_ different_ fruits_ pieces.
  • The_ taste_ of_ salad_ is_ sweet,_ sour_ and_ juicy.

The Food we Need AP 6th Class Science Chapter 1 New and Best Notes

Question_ 4.
Find_ out_ from_ your_ parents_ about_ the_ various_ methods_ of_ preserving_ food_ and_ write_ notes_ on_ it.
I_ collected_ the_ different_ methods_ of_ preserving_ food_ from_ my_ parents,_ as_ given_ below.

Method_ of_ preservation Food_ items
Smoking Fish_ and_ meat
Salting Fish,_ Amla
Drying Grains,_ appadalu,_ vadiyalu
Canning Grains
Freezing Vegetables_ and_ fruits
Mixing Making_ pickles
Adding_ sugar_ syrup Fruits_ and_ dry_ fruits
Pasteurization Milk
  • Food_ preservation_ prevents_ the_ growth_ of_ the_ microorganisms_ which_ causes_ food_ spoilage.
  • More_ processes_ designed_ to_ preserve_ food_ involve_ more_ than_ one_ food_ preservation_ method.
  • Preserving_ fruit_ by_ turning_ into_ jam,_ involves_ boiling_ to_ reduce_ the_ moisture_ in_ the
    fruits_ and_ sugaring_ to_ prevent_ re-growth_ of_ organisms_ and_ canning_ to_ prevent_ contamination_ in_ air_ tight_ jar.

The Food we Need AP 6th Class Science Chapter 1 New and Best Notes

Question_ 5.
Collect_ information_ about_ the_ main_ food_ habits_ of_ different_ states_ of_ India._ Refer_ in_ your_ school,_ library_ books_ and_ discuss_ with_ your_ teacher_ and_ write_ a_ report_ on_ it.
People_ of_ different_ states_ in_ India_ have_ different_ types_ of_ food_ habits_ because_ of_ different_ climatic_ and_ geographical_ conditions,_ and_ natural_ vegetation.

Region_ /State Food_ habits
Andhra_ Pradesh Rice,_ curry,_ milk,_ idli,_ dosa,_ etc.
Telangana Rice,_ curry,_ milk,_ idli,_ dosa,_ etc.
Karnataka Jowar_ and_ wheat_ roti,_ ragi_ mudda,_ spicy_ curries.
Kerala Staple_ food_ with_ coconut_ flavoured_ food_ items.
Gujarath Thali,_ roti,_ dal,_ rice.
Maharashtra Roti,_ kurma,_ pani_ purl.
Punjab Roti,_ chapathi,_ kurma.
Odisha Rice_ and_ curry.

Question_ 6.
Collect_ information_ regarding_ ‘our_ traditional_ food’_ from_ your_ grandparents.

  • The_ cooking_ is_ very_ diverse_ due_ to_ the_ vast_ spread_ of_ the_ people_ and_ varied_ tropical_ regions_ in_ A.P.
  • Rice,_ Dal,_ Tomato,_ Gongura,_ and_ Tamarind_ are_ largely_ used_ for_ cooking_ curries.
  • Spicy_ and_ hot_ varieties_ such_ as_ pickles_ form_ an_ important_ part_ of_ Telugu_ cuisine.
  • Different_ communities_ have_ their_ own_ variations_ and_ the_ rural_ areas_ still_ follow_ the_ centuries-old_ cooking_ habits_ and_ recipes.
  • Idly,_ dosa,_ poori_ and_ curd_ rice_ with_ onion_ is_ the_ famous_ varieties_ as_ the_ breakfast_ dishes.
  • Broad_ varieties_ of_ pickles_ are_ used_ for_ preserving_ some_ of_ the_ vegetables_ and_ fruits_ throughout_ the_ year.
  • Pakodi,_ janthikalu,_ pea_ snacks_ (guggillu),_ bajji_ are_ used_ as_ snacks.
  • Sweets_ and_ savories_ form_ an_ important_ part_ of_ Telugu_ culture_ made_ on_ festive_ and_ auspicious_ occasions.

6th_ Class_ Science_ 1st_ Lesson_ The_ Food_ we_ Need_ Activities


Activity_ –_ 2

What_ did_ we_ eat?_ (Page_ No._ 3)

  1. What_ did_ you_ eat_ Yesterday?_ Make_ a_ list._ Ask_ your_ classmates_ what_ they_ ate_ yesterday_ and_ write_ in_ the_ table.
S.No. Name_ of_ the_ Student Food_ Eaten
1. Keerthana Dosa,_ Chutney
2. _ _
3. _ _
4. _ _
5. _ _

Yes._ Yesterday_ I_ ate_ the_ following_ items.
a)_ Breakfast_ –_ Milk_ and_ egg
b)_ Lunch_ –_ Rice,_ Dal,_ Brinjal_ curry,_ Rasam,_ curd
c)_ Evening_ –_ Biscuits_ and_ fruits
d)_ Dinner-_ Rice,_ potato_ curry,_ curd.

S.No. Name_ of_ the_ Student Food_ Eaten
1 Keerthana Dosa_ &_ chutney,_ rice,_ dal,_ vegetables,_ curd.
2 Ravi Idli,_ chutney,_ rice,_ vegetables,_ egg.
3 Ashok Chapathi,_ potato,_ rice,_ sambar,_ curd_ rice.
4 Ruksana Bread,_ omlet,_ rice,_ tomato_ curry,_ curd.
5 Jani Idli,_ coconut_ chutney,_ biryani,_ chicken,_ milk
  1. i)_ Did_ all_ the_ students_ eat_ the_ same_ type_ of_ food?
    The_ students_ did_ not_ eat_ the_ same_ type_ of_ food.
    ii)_ Are_ there_ any_ common_ food_ items_ in_ the_ above_ list?
    Yes._ Rice,_ dal,_ egg,_ milk,_ vegetables,_ curd_ are_ the_ common_ food_ items_ in_ the_ above_ list.
    iii)_ Prepare_ menu_ chart_ of_ the_ food_ served_ for_ a_ week_ during_ mid-day_ meal_ in_ your_ school?
Day Menu
Monday Rice,_ Sambar,_ egg_ curry,_ Groundnut_ chikki
Tuesday Pulihora._ Tomato_ Dal,_ Boiled_ egg
Wednesday Vegetable_ rice,_ Kurma,_ Boiled_ egg,_ Groundnut_ chikki
Thursday Kichidi,_ Tomato_ chutney,_ Boiled_ egg
Friday Rice,_ Leafy_ vegetable_ Dal,_ boiled_ egg,_ Chikki
Saturday Rice,_ Sambar,_ Sweet_ pongal

We_ take_ different_ types_ of_ food_ every_ day._ But_ some_ food_ items_ like_ rice,_ dal_ and_ vegetables_ are_ common._ On_ special_ occasions,_ we_ eat_ a_ variety_ of_ food_ items._ What_ are_ the_ food_ items_ made_ of?
On_ special_ occasions_ we_ eat_ a_ variety_ of_ food_ items._ They_ are_ Pulihora,_ Pongal,_ Payasam,_ Garelu,_ Poornalu,_ Daddhojanam,_ Vundarallu._ Pulagannam,_ etc.

Activity_ –_ 3 The Food we Need AP 6th Class Science Chapter 1 New and Best Notes

Food_ Ingredients._ (Page_ No._ 4)

  1. List_ out_ some_ food_ items_ and_ mention_ the_ ingredients_ required_ to_ prepare_ them_ in_ the_ table_ given_ below.
S.No. Food_ items Required_ ingredients
1. _ _
2. _ _
3. _ _
4. _ _


S.No. Food_ items Required_ ingredients
1. Pulihora Rice,_ Tamarind,_ Mustard_ seeds,_ Oil,_ Curry_ leaves,_ Groundnut,_ Salt,_ Turmeric_ powder.
2. Tomato_ curry Tomato,_ Onion,_ Chillies,_ Oil,_ Salt,_ Mustard_ seeds,_ Turmeric_ powder.
3. Idli Black_ gram,_ Rice_ rawa,_ Water,_ Salt.
4. Aloo_ kurma Potato,_ Oil,_ Salt,_ Chilli_ powder,_ Garam_ masala,_ Ginger_ and_ Garlic_ paste,_ Turmeric_ powder.
  1. a)_ Some_ food_ items_ and_ its_ ingredients_ have_ been_ listed_ below._ Write_ the_ source_ of_ each_ ingredient_ in_ table._ (Page_ No._ 5)Answer:
  2. b)_ Write_ the_ names_ of_ the_ edible_ parts_ of_ the_ plant_ in_ the_ table_ –_ 5._ _ (Page_ No._ 6)
S.No. Name_ of_ the_ Plant Parts_ that_ we_ eat
1. Mango Fruit
2. Mint_ (Pudina) _
3. Sugar_ Cane _
4. Potato _
5. Onion _
6. Cauliflower _
7. Groundnut _
8. Tomato _
9. Rice _
10. Greengram _
11. Cabbage _
12. Apple _


S.No. Name_ of_ the_ Plant Parts_ that_ we_ eat
1. Mango Fruit
2. Mint_ (Pudina) Leaves
3. Sugar_ Cane Stem
4. Potato Stem_ (tuber)
5. Onion Stem_ (bulb)
6. Cauliflower Flower
7. Groundnut Seeds
8. Tomato Fruit
9. Rice Seeds
10. Greengram Seeds
11. Cabbage Leaves
12. Apple Fruit
  1. i)_ Which_ part_ of_ the_ plants_ do_ we_ generally_ eat?
    Leaves,_ roots,_ seeds_ and_ fruits_ of_ plants_ are_ generally_ we_ eat._ Stems_ and_ flowers_ are_ not_ so_ widely_ used.
  2. ii)_ Do_ we_ also_ use_ flowers_ as_ food?
    Yes,_ we_ use_ flowers_ as_ food._ Banana_ flower,_ Cauliflower,_ etc.
  3. c)_ Write_ the_ food_ items_ opposite_ to_ each_ of_ the_ process_ in_ the_ table_ –_ 6._ _ (Page_ No._ 7)


S.No. Method_ of_ Preparing_ Food Food_ Items
1. Boiling Rice,_ Dal,_ Eggs,_ Potato
2. Steaming Idli,_ Kudumu,_ Cake
3. Fermentation Bread,_ Jilebi,_ Cake
4. Roasting Chicken,_ Meat,_ Fish
5. Cutting_ and_ mixing Lemon_ pickle,_ Mango_ pickle
6. Deep_ frying Fish,_ Chicken,_ Potato_ chips,_ Vadiyalu,_ Appadalu
7. Microwaving Chicken_ tandoori,_ Cake,_ Biscuits

Activity_ –_ 4

Preparation_ of_ Upma._ (Page_ No._ 7) The Food we Need AP 6th Class Science Chapter 1 New and Best Notes

Aim:_ To_ prepare_ upma
What_ yoy_ need_ (Ingredients):_ Upma_ rawa,_ onion,_ green_ chillies,_ oil,_ tomato,_ salt,_ water,_ mustard_ seeds,_ curry_ leaves,_ pan,_ etc.
What_ to_ do?_ (Procedure):

  • Chop_ the_ clean_ vegetables_ into_ pieces.
  • Place_ a_ pan_ on_ the_ flame.
  • Pour_ 3_ spoons_ of_ oil_ and_ add_ mustard_ seeds,_ onions,_ chillies,_ chopped_ vegetables_ and_ fry_ them.
  • Pour_ sufficient_ water_ and_ add_ salt_ to_ it.
  • Let_ it_ boil_ for_ sometime.

Then_ add_ rawa_ when_ the_ water_ gets_ boiled._ Stir_ it_ well.
What_ do_ you_ see?_ (Observation)_ :After_ a_ few_ minutes_ it_ becomes_ thick,_ the_ tasty_ upma_ is_ ready.
What_ do_ you_ learn?_ Using_ different_ ingredients,_ we_ can_ make_ tasty_ upma.

  1. i)_ Preparation_ of_ Tomato_ Curry:
  2. Clean_ all_ the_ vegetables_ in_ water_ and_ chop_ them_ into_ pieces.
  3. Place_ a_ pan_ on_ a_ flame.
  4. Pour_ three_ spoons_ of_ oil._ When_ oil_ becomes_ hot,_ put_ one_ spoon_ full_ of_ mustard,_ black_ gram_ and_ jeera.
  5. Then_ add_ green_ and_ red_ chilli_ pieces_ and_ put_ a_ pinch_ of_ turmeric_ powder.
  6. Half_ a_ minute_ later_ add_ pieces_ of_ onion_ and_ tomato.
  7. Then_ add_ some_ salt_ and_ close_ the_ lid._ After_ five_ minutes_ the_ curry_ is_ ready.

Activity_ –_ 5

Let_ us_ store_ food._ (Page_ No._ 8) The Food we Need AP 6th Class Science Chapter 1 New and Best Notes

  1. Ask_ your_ parents_ the_ other_ ways_ of_ preserving_ the_ food_ follow_ and_ fill_ the_ table_ given_ below.


S.No. Types_ of_ Preservatives Examples
1. Adding_ Salt,_ Chilli_ Powder_ &_ Oil Pickles,_ Chicken
2. Adding_ only_ Salt Fish_ and_ mango
3. Adding_ Sugar_ Syrup Fruits,_ Amla,_ Jams
4. Honey Dry_ fruits,_ Amla,_ Jams
5. Freezing Fish,_ Meat,_ Vegetables
6. Drying_ under_ sun Fish,_ Meat,_ Vadiyalu,_ Appadalu


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