The Necklace AP Class 5 English Unit-3 New and Easy , The Necklace Notes, AP Class 5 English Unit-3 Notes, The Necklace AP Class 5 English Unit-3 notes – Here is the complete solution of The Necklace with complete text book activities  and comprehensions. We hope this answers will help our students and teachers. We think it will be like a source to Teachers. ap class 5  lesson 3 English notes, ap class V English unit 3 notes.

The Necklace AP Class 5 English Unit-3

Look at the picture and answer the following questions.

1. What do you observe in the picture?
A. The elder people are busy decorating children.

2. Name the ornaments shown in the picture.
A. Ear rings, waist belt, bangles, neck chains, hair bands and clips

3. Are the girls wearing any ornaments?
A. Yes, the girls are wearing some ornaments.

4. Do you buy costly ornaments?
A. Yes, we usually buy ornaments for mother and sister.

5. Which metals are used to make ornaments?
A. Gold, silver, steel, platinum, etc.

6. Is it good to spend more money on ornaments?
A. No, it is not good to spend more money on ornaments.


artisan (n) = a person who does skilled work with hands
delicacy (n) = something good to eat
faltered (v) = spoke in a hesitating way
francs (n) =  French currency
lamented (v) = expressed sadness
discover (v)  = find
anxiously (adv) = in a nervous way
furiously (adv) = in an extremely angry way
clasp (n) = a link or a hook
ghastly (ad) = unpleasant
abject (ad) = terrible
imitation (n) = a copy (not real)

The Necklace AP Class 5 English Unit-3

Activity -2 Comprehension 

Answer the following questions.
1.. What kind of a girl was Matilda?
A. Matilda was a pretty and admirable girl.

2. Why did Matilda’s husband come home happily?
A. Matilda’s husband came home happily because he had an invitation to a birthday

3. Who helped Matilda to go to the party?
A. Jane, her rich friend helped Matilda go to the party.

4. What was the price of the replaced necklace?
A. The price of the replaced necklace was thirty six thousand francs.

5. How did the couple get the money to buy the diamond necklace?
A. The couple had eighteen thousand francs. They borrowed the rest.

6. Was the lost necklace a real one?
A. No, the lost necklace was not a real one. It was imitation.

7. What was the cost of the necklace given by Jane?
A. It was worth about five hundred trances.

II. Read the following sentences and state whether they are TRUE or FALSE.

1. Matilda was born in New York. (   False      )
2. The husband of Matilda was a secretary to the minister. (  False    )
3. Matilda chose a pearl necklace. (   False      )
4. Matilda borrowed eighteen thousand francs. (    True     )
5. The couple worked with the help of a maid to pay off the debts.  (    False     )

Activity -3 – Vocabulary

Adjectives can be formed from nouns and verbs. Now, we are going to learn to form adjectives from verbs.

Here is a list of verbs which are formed as adjectives by adding suffixes like able, ful, ible, ent, ant, ive, ing etc.

I. Match the following verbs given in column ‘A’ with the suitable suffixes given in column ‘B’ and write the words in column ‘C’.

The Necklace AP Class 5 English Unit-3


The Necklace AP Class 5 English Unit-3

The Necklace AP Class 5 English Unit-3

Activity – 4 My word List

The Necklace AP Class 5 English Unit-3

My word list:
You can write new words from the story. Refer to a dictionary, put them in
Words :  suitable, trembled ,debt ,familiarly , replace ,innocent, grabbed.


suitable =  Apt / appropriate

debt  = Money owing

familiarly = Casually

grabbed = Took hold of / snatched

innocent =  Not guilty

trembled = Shook / shivered

replace = Restore / substitute

Order of adjectives : Adjectives generally describe the nouns, but there is an order in using the adjectives if they are more than one in a sentence.

1. Number (one, two, three…)

2. Size (big)

3. Shape (round)

4. Origin (Venetian)

5. Purpose (Shining)

6. Opinion (beautiful)

7. Age (old)

8. Colour (blue)

9. Material (diamond)

The Necklace AP Class 5 English Unit-3

Activity – 5  Complete the table by using the examples given above. One has been done for you 

The Necklace AP Class 5 English Unit-3


The Necklace AP Class 5 English Unit-3

Activity – 6 : Fill in the blanks with appropriate words. The answers for the questions are given with in brackets.

1. ________ is your brother? (Who / What)
A: Sujay is my brother.

2. ________ does she finish work? (When / Who)
A: She finishes work at 5 o’clock.

3. ________ did you keep your money? (When / Where)
A: I keep money in my purse.

4. ________ will you meet your friend? (Who / Where)
A: I meet my friend at school.

5. _________ much did you pay for that dress? ( How / when)
A: I paid 1000 rupees for the dress.

Activity – 7 :  Rewrite the story by adding ‘describing words’ to the underlined words.

A beautiful sparrow laid small eggs in the nest on a big green tree. An egg hatched. A cute small chick peeped out. The sparrow brought ugly brown worms for the baby bird. The baby bird ate them with its red beak. Days passed. One morning, the mother sparrow flew out of the lovely nest. The chick opened its cute eyes and looked out. She saw attractive yellow flowers, leaves and fruits on plants and trees. She opened her wings and flapped them.

Activity – 8  Here are some pictures with dialogues. Read them carefully and write the story.

Be Happy with What You Are
Once in a forest, there lived an elephant. The elephant was unhappy because of its grey colour. It requested its friends to paint its body white. The friends helped and painted. When the elephant was moving happily, the king’s  soldiers  caught it to present the white elephant as a gift to the king. The elephant felt  sorry for that. Luckily on the way, it rained suddenly. The white colour on its body was washed off because of rain water. On seeing the grey colour, the soldiers left the elephant. The elephant felt happy and said that its colour was its blessing.


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