6th Class Social – Kingdoms and Empires

→ Magadha became a powerful kingdom among the sixteen kingdoms.

→ After Bimbisara his son Ajatasatru came into power. Later his son Mahapadmananda ruled Magadha Dynasty.

→ Chandra Gupta Maurya dethroned Mahapadmananda and became the ruler of Magadha with the help of Chanakya.

→ Pataliputra was the capital city of the Magadha Empire.

→ After Chandragupta Maurya, Bindusara became the ruler of Magadha. Later, his son Ashoka became the king of the Mauryan dynasty.

→ The Mauryan emperor Ashoka battled against the kingdom of Kalinga to expand his empire

6th Class Social – Kingdoms and Empires

→ He conquered the land of Kalinga but he resolved not to do any war thereafter.

→ He got many inscriptions carved to convey his message of Damma.

→ The lion capital of Saranath was chosen as our National Emblem.

→ The capital city of the Gupta’s was Pataliputra.

→ The emperor Samudragupta was a great conqueror among the Gupta dynasty.

6th Class Social – Kingdoms and Empires

→ The great nine poets in the court of Chandragupta – II were known as “Navaratnas’.

→ Aryabhatta was a well-known astronomer, and mathematician.

→ Brahmagupta, another astronomer, calculated the Solar Year.

→ Sushruta was the first Indian doctor who carried out plastic surgery in Gupta’s period.

→ ‘Charaka Samhitha’ was the basic text of Ayurvedic medicine. This was composed by ‘Charakh’, the well-known physician of the world.

→ Scientists in the Gupta period have good knowledge of the use of iron and steel. They minted gold coins.

→ The capital of the Sathavahanas was Dhanyakataka near Amaravathi in Guntur District.

→ Gauthamiputra Satakarni conquered the land between three seas. He also got the title of Thrisainudradheeswara’.

→ The Buddhist Scholar Archarya Nagarjuna is said to have lived in the Satavahanas period.

6th Class Social – Kingdoms and Empires

→ The capital city of Iskhvakus was ‘Vijayapuri’.

→ The rock-cut temples of Mahabalipuram were the finest examples of Pallava architecture.

→ Chalukyas ruled large parts of southern and central India between 600 CE and 1200 CE.

→ Pulakesi – I was one of the first kings of Chalukyas. Chalukyas ruled from Badami in Karnataka. They made a rich contribution to art and architecture.

→ Indigenous: native made

→ Clan: a group of one race people

→ Dynasty: series of rulers from the same family.

→ Empire: large kingdom

→ Inscriptions: messages carved on rock surfaces

→ Astronomy: a study of space

→ Battle: fight between two groups.

6th Class Social – Kingdoms and Empires

6th Class Social - Kingdoms and Empires



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